Phentramin-d Tablets

What is the New Phentramin-D Tablet?

Though Phentramin-D has been available in capsule form for many years, it is only recently that the drug has been released in tablet form. As you may already know, the capsule was designed to mimic both the appearance and the results that are experienced through the old Phentermine Blue (30mg) prescription version of the weight loss medication.

Now that the tablet has been released, it allows people trying to lose weight to be able to obtain a safe, non-prescription version of the most popular prescription weight loss medication in the country – Phentermine 37.5mg. This new Phentramin-D tablet looks like Phentermine 37.5 and provides results that are the equivalent to, or superior to that drug.

By using Phentramin-d Tablets you get all the benefits of:
  • Prescription strength without a Prescription
  • Reducing calorie intake by 50% (about 1600 calories a day!)>
  • Losing up to 20 pounds in 3 weeks
  • Made like Phentermine 37.5mg


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The Phentramin-D tablet, like the prescription form, is all white with little blue flecks on it. Its results have shown to allow dieters to lose up to twenty five pounds within the span of one month, as long as its use is accompanied by a proper nutritious diet and regular daily exercise of at least thirty continuous minutes at a time.

The Phentramin-D tablet allows the user a great deal more freedom and control over his or her weight loss. Though it is still recommended that a doctor be consulted before this or any other diet program is started, once users discover the efficacy of the drug, they can continue to purchase it to help them to achieve their weight loss goals.

Furthermore, since the drug continues to work on the long-term, unlike the prescription drug which is strictly for short-term use, the Phentramin-D tablet provides not only comparable results to Phentermine 37.5mg, but for a much longer period of time.

When the Phentramin-D tablet is taken, the unpleasant symptoms of dieting are minimized, making the efforts much more effective. For example, this medication decreases the appetite so that you don’t feel hungry as often. Furthermore, it allows for a greater feeling of satisfaction from a smaller amount of food. This allows for less eating, less frequently.

Typically speaking, this would mean that energy levels would drop, since the body would be receiving less energy from food. That would make it harder to keep up with a higher activity level. However, with the Phentramin-D tablet, energy is boosted, allowing you to keep up with your exercising even though you are consuming less energy in the form of food.

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