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If you’ve done any reading at all about weight loss drugs, you’ve likely heard about how effective Phentermine truly is. However, if any of that reading was recent, you may also have discovered that Phentermine has been banned by the FDA and is therefore no longer available to Americans. What does this mean? How does this affect the effective diet pill availability? Fortunately, Phentramin-D is an incredible alternative that maintains the efficacy of Phentermine, without any of the unpleasantness.


Phentermine was a prescription diet pill that was prescribed by doctors in order to help with weight loss and dieting efforts. It was considered by many to be drug with the best results in decreasing appetite while increasing energy levels. This made the need to eat lower so that a healthy, weight loss-friendly diet is possible, and users are more capable of taking on a healthy exercise routine for even faster weight reduction. However, there were many side effects associated with taking Phentermine that made it impossible for many people to take the drug. Though some of these effects were relatively mild, there were some serious ones that made the drug quite dangerous for a large number of people – leading the FDA to take it off the market. The minor side effects were usually considered to be tolerable by the users because the drug was so effective. They included such unpleasantness as dry mouth, headaches, and occasional dizzy spells. They would be uncomfortable, but manageable when faced with the final goal. However, the serious side effects were much more hazardous, including psoriasis, increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and high stress on the central nervous system.

Though many people wanted to take the risk and see if they can benefit from Phentermine without being one of the people who experienced the major side effects, the FDA made the decision – with which the majority people would agree – that a person should not put their health in danger in the hope to reduce their weight. After all, weight loss is an effort to improve health and appearance. If you are endangering your health, you are hardly making the weight loss a healthy activity.

Fortunately, a healthy alternative soon came to be, with all of the benefits, but none of the negatives of Phentermine. This healthy alternative is Phentramin-D.

Like Phentermine, Phentramin-D addresses one of the major problems of weight loss. Dieting means that you need to eat a lower, healthier level of food. This means that many people struggle with hunger pangs and experience lower energy levels which makes exercise unpleasant and difficult. Unfortunately, a lower energy level also means a slowed metabolism, resulting is slower weight loss as well. Phentramin-D – like Phentermine before it – addresses this issue by lowering the hunger level so that the body does not crave eating as much or as frequently. This eliminates the first major weight loss hurdles, which is the inclination to “cheat” or quite altogether. Furthermore, beyond being a basic appetite suppressant, Phentramin-D also boosts the body’s energy level, making the metabolism run faster and the user more motivated and capable of exercising.

Best of all, Phentramin-D is capable of performing all of these Phentermine functions without all of the harmful side effects that made that older drug much more hazardous. You can obtain the look and the health level you desire, without risking your health as you do it.

Phentramin-D is even just as easy to use as Phentermine had been. They are both in pill-form, capsules, (though Pentermine was also available as tablets and resin capsules) requiring you to take them about twenty minutes before breakfast and again before lunch. It was recommended that both pills be taken with water.

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Phentermine was within an appetite suppressant drug group called Sympathomimetic appetite suppressants, which are the drugs that are utilized to deal with short-term exogenous obesity – that is, obesity caused by a person’s eating and exercising habits and not a result of a health issue such as the side effect of another drug or a glandular disorder. It functioned by stimulating the hypothalamus gland (located in the brain), and impacted the neurotransmitters which were responsible for the sensation of being hungry. Other than the appetite, the hypothalamus also regulates body temperature, sleep cycles, the autonomic nervous system, and other important functions. Unfortunately, its effects were not consistent within the nervous system, and because it impacted the hypothalamus, it occasionally impacted its other functions as well and not just the appetite.

On the other hand, Phentramin-D does not work in the same way, and therefore does not risk the harsh side effects of Phentermine. However, that being said, it is an equally powerful weight loss drug and is capable of providing the same appetite suppression and increase in energy levels. This way, people can now obtain the same results they were seeing through Phentermine use, without putting their health at risk.

This being said, it should still be noted that Phentramin-D is still a serious drug and should not be used unless under the guidance of a health professional such as your doctor. A medical professional will be able to tell you if Phentramin-D is the ideal solution for you and will then be able to work with you to build the proper diet and exercise plan to allow you to get the very most out of the benefits that Phentramin-D provides.

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More Information on Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine diet pills May be Right for You but it’s Not for Everyone

It is not uncommon for a person to consider taking weight loss drugs to help them lose their excess fat once they have decided that this is their goal. Although there may be nothing wrong with taking diet pills to help slim down your figure, many people make the mistake of thinking that they can take any drug that is available on the market. However, what most individuals don’t realize is that one of the most effective weight control medications, Phentermine diet pills, is not recommended for everyone.

Phentermine diet pills (hydrochloride) is an anorectic drug. It is an appetite suppressant and stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It stimulates the nerves and the brain and decreases feelings of hunger. Due to its powerful nature and the fact that it is a sympathomimetic amine that is similar to amphetamines, Phentermine is a controlled substance and requires a doctor’s prescription in order for a person to obtain this diet medicine.

What does one have to do in order to attain their physician’s approval for Phetermine hcl? Believe it or not, it’s not simply a matter of making an appointment with your healthcare provider. You actually need to meet certain requirements (with the exception of some special circumstances) to even be considered a candidate for this pharmaceutical grade formula.

What sort of requirements? Some include a person must:
  • Have a BMI (body mass index) that is 27 or higher – Phentermine diet pills has been designed for treating obesity in individuals who are at a high risk of other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, it may not be safe to take by those who have a BMI under 27 as the potential for health risks are higher in these individuals.
  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Not currently be taking any medication that reacts dangerously with the drug, such as MAO inhibitors.
  • Not suffer from certain medical conditions that could be made worse by the weight management pill (i.e. overactive thyroid, heart disease, glaucoma, severe high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Additionally, Phentermine diet pills can cause many side effects, some that can be very serious. Problems that may be experienced are dry mouth, nervousness, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, dramatic mood changes, excessive energy, addiction, and many others.
  • Finally, it is a common misconception that Phentermine diet pills is used to replace conventional dieting methods. This is untrue. The appetite suppressant drug is actually meant to be used in combination with a diet and exercise plan in order to be effective. What’s more, it is not a long-term treatment. It is a short-term weight control solution for the purpose of creating better eating and exercising habits that will become a lifestyle to help a person better manage their weight.
  • You can find out if Phentermine diet pills is right for you by consulting with your physician